Lamps and robots
UV-C and UV-V

are offered for sale for houses, offices, businesses and warehouses.

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Technology - used for many years in the medical industry - which we transfer to everyday life.

about us

38 years of passion, science and invention combined with German quality

The company PrIMac UG was founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 on the initiative and using the professional experience of Henrik Krisch.

Henrik Krisch graduated from the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics, and Computer Science at the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice in 1975, where he received his M.Sc. Electronics, automation, and control systems. Until 1981 he was a scientific researcher at the University of Silesia and a doctoral student at the AGH in Krakow (title “Linearization of digital systems with orthogonal functions of the hair and Walsh bases”). From 1988 to 2020 Henrik Krisch was head of the research and development department at KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH in Germany.

Designed in 2020 in collaboration with the world market leader in automation, including robotics for the space industry, to autonomously, quickly and safely disinfect large public spaces (including airports, hospitals, supermarkets, warehouses).

Lamps that emit 185 nm radiation, disinfect rooms and surfaces and are intended for rooms in which ventilation with fresh air is easily available. The ozone generated by these waves destroys pathogens in areas that are not directly exposed to radiation.

Lamps that emit radiation with a length of 253.7 nm, disinfect rooms and surfaces and are intended for rooms in which regular ventilation with fresh air is difficult

Devices for virus inactivation, SARS-Cov2 (COVID-19), H1N1, MERS, bacteria, mites, fungi, molds and other microorganisms

Selected areas in which we are present

Airports and train stations

We help create a safer space around-the-clock and, thanks to an autonomous and rapid disinfection process, reduce human involvement.

Office space

We offer healthier rooms for employees and therefore for their families

Living comfort

Thanks to the inactivation of viruses, bacteria, mites, fungi, molds, and other microorganisms, we make life easier for people with allergies and weakened immunity (even after the operation).

Schools, kindergartens

We help increase the safety of children, employees, and their relatives by eliminating bacteria and viruses in the child environment.

Public transport

Fast and automated disinfection of planes, trains, buses, and trams, reducing employee involvement in this process.

Shops, supermarkets

We contribute to increasing the security in places where every day, many people come together by offering the possibility of autonomous disinfection of space, product packaging, surfaces, and devices.

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